60 minutes | Apr 28, 2022

75: We're Hiring ft. Ali Azemar

Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with

That will be the sign you read as you enter the colony that Sofia and her friends are raising their kids on. No father in sight? No problem! Kidding (kind of). This week Sofia is joined by long time friend Ali Azemar! Together the two unpack the RIDICULOUS societal pressures surrounding women turning the big 3-0. What ever happened to thirty, flirty, and thriving? With Ali just turning the corner and Sofia’s birthday coming up in July, the girls express both their concerns and excitement about this new era they’re entering. From dealing with men who think you want to get married off the bat, to the idea of freezing your eggs sooner than later - the girls cover it ALL. But don’t fret! There are WAY more positives than negatives (like actually having money in your 30’s!) Next, Ali takes us on her unconventional journey that led her to where she is today as a product developer for a men and women’s healthcare company. She gives us ALL the tips and tricks to help us not only secure an interview, but land the job too! …And she may have told us some horror stories of what NOT to do as well. Finally, Ali exposes Sofia’s self proclaimed “worst trait about herself”. Sofia says these claims are blasphemous but we know by now to take her opinion with a grain of salt, right? 

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