72 minutes | Apr 14, 2022

73: Do You Love Them Or The Idea Of Them?

Second chances they don’t ever matter people never change!

UNLESS you’re Jlo and Ben Affleck that is. ATTN SLOOTS: PLEASE do not take this as a sign to back to your trifling, good-for-nothing ex. BUT on the off chance that they don’t fall directly in the “piece of shit” category, Sofia has some choice words for you this week. But wait! Not only Sofia, we are FINALLY joined by our OG producer Alex Franco! Yes, everyone's FAVORITE e-girl is BACK! Together the two catch up on each other's lives discussing Sofia’s most recent vaginal crisis (STD free though!) and much like Jenny from the Block, Alex’s rekindled flame with her ex. Since love (or some other odor) seems to be in the air, Sofia felt it was appropriate to dive into the PAINFUL discussion of THEM vs. THE IDEA of them in today's Sloot University. I know it hurts Sloots, but it needs to be discussed. We know you envision a life of romance and 401K’s with Brad, but you need to open your eyes to your current reality, which is someone who punches walls when he gets “mad” and crusty sheets and cum towels that haven’t been washed since you last did it for him 3 months ago. Sometimes it’s better to rip the bandaid off now. But you know what they say, if you love something, set them free. If it comes back it’s yours - even if it's 18 years and three husbands later! 

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