51 minutes | Apr 7, 2022

72: Free Bitcoin ft. John

“It’s not my fault he’s like in love with me or something!” - John to Sofia after he made out with her boyfriend

YES SLOOTS…Our king is BACK. 53 episodes later John Like the Bible has returned from war…and by war we mean the one he recently conquered with “Lisa”, Bitcoin, and the metaverse. More on that later. This week Sofia brings us up to date on ALL things John including his ~thriving~ love life, career, AND skateboarding skills. Promise it’s FAR more interesting than it sounds. The duo also dives into some interesting topics such as the “gay best friend” controversy, AND a fun game of “What Kind of Gay Are You?” (PS: If you’re a Lana gay we are JUDGING you - kidding…kinda). Finally, instead of Raya, John has a NEW dating app (website?) for us that is by far the WILDEST shit we have ever stumbled across. Just know going forward: no Macy’s bathroom is safe. 

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