53 minutes | Mar 31, 2022

71: Self Acceptance > Self Help

Get in Sloots, we’re self-accepting

Sloots, we are FINALLY getting Sofia to ourselves again this week. So you know what that means: clear your schedule for your weekly dose of debauchery and shenanigans. 

In the past 7 days, Sofia has managed to embarrass herself in front of the ENTIRE West Village impersonating Neil Armstrong AND was (almost) forcefully removed from her apartment building. Some may call it trouble in paradise, we just call it another day in the office. More importantly, for today's Sloot University we talk about a VERY necessary concept: FUCK SELF-HELP. Yes, you read that right. Throw out the books, unfollow that matcha-drinking, journaling girl on Tik-Tok, and PLEASE do not blow your paycheck at Sephora in the name of “retail therapy”. It’s NOT worth it. The real “self-improvement” begins when you SELF-ACCEPT, not when you throw out all your club clothes in place of the Lululemon BBL jacket. Think about it Sloots, actually don’t think - listen to this episode.

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