57 minutes | Mar 3, 2022

68: So Long, Farewell ft. The Fam

For a final farewell episode from the Utah home base, Sofia is joined by the people who know her best…Mother and Brother Sloot! Shockingly, all parties were able to make it through this recording with MINIMAL tears shed. Though this episode had every intention of being sentimental, leave it to Sofia’s family to make it fucking CHAOTIC. Together, Drapers Finest discusses Lola’s newfound mental clarity (thanks to a witch doctor?), Sofia’s fugitive status and how it’s actively ruining her life, and the MANY times Lola’s children have nearly sent her into cardiac arrest. We also felt it would be a good exercise for Sofia’s family to go through the men she’s dated and give their HONEST opinion…and to answer what you’re already thinking: YES, we talk about him too. SO much is covered in this episode like Lola’s nudes and Lucas’ take on modern maternity wear? A lot is going on, so gather round Sloots, we’re having a family dinner tonight. 

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