48 minutes | Mar 10, 2022

68.5: To Live and Love Bomb (in NYC)


YES! You heard it right! Sofia is BACK in the city so nice they named it twice…NEW YORK…NEW YORKKK *Frank Sinatra voice* This is a BIG deal…because well, IFYKYK. She barely made it there - but if she can make it there, she can make it anywhere, right? Okay we’re done with corny references, just had to get it out the system. This episode is an EXCITING one. Tune in to hear Sofia take you along her first few days back in New York City. Listen as she takes you through her luxurious new building, and the not-so-luxurious maggots she brought with her (a very traumatic experience for all parties involved). Next, Sofia lets us in on some ground breaking technological advances that literally EVERYONE else in the world knew about besides her. And in true Sofia fashion, the way she learned about this technology was NOTHING short of chaotic. You know how at 3 AM you think back to that REALLY embarrassing thing you did in 2012 and want to die? This is definitely gonna be one of those for Sofia. Finally, we have a not-so-appropriate Sloot University lesson on one of TikTok’s favorite buzzwords: LOVE BOMBING. We know the signs, we know how this is gonna end…but can we have some fun? Like is it THAT bad to be told that you’re someone's sun moon and stars only 36 hours after meeting them? Probably…but let’s use it to our advantage Sloots. 

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