47 minutes | Apr 12th 2021

How to land LeBron James & Michael Phelps in your first 100 customers - Will Ahmed, Founder of Whoop

As the captain of the Harvard squash team, Will Ahmed trained and prepared as best he could. But, whatever he tried, his body kept breaking down. He didn't know why so he started researching the human body, devouring medical papers. Now, several years later, those personal frustrations have grown into Whoop, a wearable tech startup you can see on the wrists of NFL players, pro golfers and Navy Seals - despite being consistently told his strategy was wrong.“The vision for Whoop has always been the same, which is that we're going to build this wearable platform that's going to help you improve your health. And it's going to start with the best athletes in the world. And then it's going to be on everyone.”So he was proved right. Whoop counted professional athletes LeBron James and Michael Phelps among their first 100 users, and just got valued at $1.2 billion. “I object to the quote, ‘it's a marathon, not a sprint’, because it's actually both. If you truly are trying to create a company from scratch, and have it be this enormous success, you have to go at an incredibly high pace for an incredibly long time.”We chat about:How overtraining led him to found WhoopHow do you actually create a resilient mindsetWhy the first fundraise was the toughestHow to build epic brand partnershipsWhat happens when Amazon try to rip you offWant to receive our podcast on a weekly basis? Subscribe!
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