48 minutes | Dec 13, 2022

Chris Rivas Embraces the Middle Space on Some of My Best Friends Are

I’m excited to bring you a special episode of Some of My Best Friends Are, a podcast from Pushkin Industries I recently had the pleasure of joining. On Some of My Best Friends Are, Harvard professor Khalil Gibran Muhammad and journalist Ben Austen, two best friends who grew up together on the South Side of Chicago in the 1980s, discuss their experiences with the absurdities and intricacies of race in America. I joined Khalil and Ben to talk about my own racial awakening – which I attribute to the moment I learned the “real” James Bond, Porfirio Rubirosa, was Dominican. And I share what it means, to me, to be Latinx in a country where most conversations about race are divided into black and white. You can hear more from Some of My Best Friends Are at https://podcasts.pushkin.fm/sbfs2?sid=enough

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