28 minutes | Feb 8, 2022

The Art Museum (feat. Will Hines, Pam Murphy, Eric D. Johnson)

BEHOLD: The Art Museum in Overbite Township, featuring Will Hines, Pam Murphy and Eric D. Johnson //
Narrator: Kate Stables //
Additional Voices: Shane Allen, Justin Michael, Jace Armstrong, Shoanli Bhomik, Johanna Samuels, Joe Westerlund, Matt McCaughan & the McCaughan Family Players, Arone Dyer, Casey Trela, Laila Tamburini //
Words and music by Adam Schatz // Musical overdubs on the song by Linwood Regensburg // Additional music by Casey Trela // Additional story by Ross Edwards // Produced by Adam Schatz and Casey Trela // Theme Song featuring Shane Allen // Casting by David Zwick // Artwork by Jake Rudegair

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