68 minutes | Dec 14, 2022

PDA with Greg Daniels

This week we’re breaking down “PDA” and we’re joined by Greg Daniels who directed this episode! Michael and Holly are happily back in a relationship but they are not shy of expressing it in the office with a lot of PDA. Meanwhile Jim and Pam get drunk at lunch and spend the rest of the work day trying to hide it, among something else. Greg talks about directing this episode and what it was like anticipating the last few Michael Scott episodes. Jenna shares an idea she had during filming to show how Jim and Pam were drunk and Angela ponders if Angela Martin was in charge of watering and pruning the plants. Also, a fan writes in to say why this episode was a bit confusing for viewers outside of the United States. So whatever you do, don’t do Stanley’s Sudoku and enjoy this episode! 


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