35 minutes | Oct 8, 2020

Chapter 1: My Dove

Nashville producer Elliot Lieberman discovers Charlotte and her boyfriend, guitar player Davis Gabbert, at The Golden Light in Amarillo, TX and invites them to Nashville to test out their songwriting legs. After a cross-country drive and a night of no sleep in their new dump of a duplex, Charlotte and Davis land a writing session with well-known Nashville songwriter Marshall Tracy. 

Charlotte Sayles, Scarlett Burke
Bobby Bones, As Himself
Joe Sayles, Dennis Quaid
Davis Gabbert, Rob Mayes
Elliot Lieberman, Zach Selwyn 
Marshall Tracy, Michael Raymond-James
Jacob (assistant) Jameson Moss
Jeff (songwriter) Brooks Hudgins
Paul (songwriter) Phil Bogard 
Roadie, Dub Cornett
Radio announcer, Jesse Siebenberg
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