60 minutes | Jul 24, 2022

The legendary goalkeeper forced to pawn her gold medals

Goalkeeper Briana Scurry knew at eight years old it was her destiny to win Olympic gold – and in 1996, she did it. That was just the beginning: she won the World Cup and another Olympics with the US Women's National Soccer Team. Briana made history on and off the pitch as one of the few African American women on the national side, and the only openly gay player on the team. But in 2010, a knee to the head changed her life. Incapacitated by pain and unable to work, Briana spiralled into depression and debt and ended up having to pawn the gold medals she’d spent her whole life working to earn. Things got so bad that she contemplated suicide. But then an ex-girlfriend introduced her to a woman who would change her life. Presenter: Mobeen Azhar Producer: Fiona Woods If you need support relating to any of the issues we've covered in this interview, you can find more information on the BBC Action line website or at Befrienders.org
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