40 minutes | Aug 8, 2022

How I fell in love with blindness

Itto Outini lost her sight but gained her freedom Itto had been born poor in Morocco's Atlas mountains, and after her parents died, she was shunted between extended family members. She wasn't always welcome, and says she suffered frequent violence. This heightened when Itto was 17, when she describes a relative throwing a sharp object at her, taking her sight. Abandoned, Itto had to adapt to life as a blind person on the streets of a Moroccan city. Things were initially tough and disorientating, but she soon taught herself braille and found huge comfort in books and learning. Despite sleeping rough, Itto fought for the education that had been denied her when she was sighted. Itto has a memoir coming out in Autumn called "Blindness is the light of my life" Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Harry Graham
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