53 minutes | Feb 23, 2023

The Next Generation

For our last episode of season 3 of Life Out Loud, we chat with legendary sports broadcaster and acclaimed documentarian Hannah Storm and her daughter, Hannah Hicks. The younger Hannah represents the fourth generation to carry the name in her family. She is also the first one to come out as queer, introducing nuanced conversation into the extended family. We talk about what Hannah IV has learned from watching her mom break glass ceilings in the sports world, and how she’s using those lessons in the music industry to carve out space for LGBTQ+ artists. We also meet LZ’s adopted Uncle Mike, a member of The Silent Generation who has never been afraid to speak out. LZ and Mike discuss some generational differences within the LGBTQ+ community. Uncle Mike reminds us that there are no guarantees when it comes to our rights. We dedicate this episode to our elders. Their resilience makes our current reality possible, and it nourishes us as the fight for equality continues.

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