51 minutes | Feb 2, 2023

Not an Ally, an Accomplice

Bravery comes in many forms. It can mean carving your career in spaces where you are the "only one." It can mean maintaining your faith as you struggle to survive. It can also be raising your voice, and facing the consequences for it. Like LZ, Jemele Hill is from Detroit, Detroit. That means she sees the world a little differently than most, and she's not afraid to share that perspective. She's a writer, broadcaster and podcaster with a deep knowledge of popular culture and sports. Her memoir, "Uphill," includes stories she's never shared before, including her formative relationship with her stepfather, who separated from her mother after coming out as bisexual and later died of complications associated with AIDS. That love—and that loss—has rippled throughout Jemele's life. Yes, she's "Unbothered," but she's also funny and passionate. Jemele Hill embodies what it means to thrive. Plus, an epilogue from Keith Boykin, a former Special Assistant to President Clinton who wrote the book "Beyond the Down Low." We hope this conversation inspires you to reflect on how you show up, intersection-Ally. We see you!

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