51 minutes | Feb 17, 2022

Faith | Rob Bell, Daniel Franzese

There aren't many ready-made answers when it comes to faith and sexual orientation. It takes a lot of humility to carve out a space where people can ask the big questions. This week, LZ talks to two people who have done just that: Pastor Rob Bell and Daniel Franzese. Pastor Bell is a New York Times bestselling author, friend of Oprah and LZ's former spiritual leader. Daniel Franzese is a successful actor whose podcast, Yass, Jesus!, dives into his own journey of finding a place in God’s kingdom as an openly gay man. Together they talk about what it takes for LGBTQ+ folks to find spiritual community when many traditional religious institutions have not validated their existence. Regardless of your faith background, these conversations will inspire you to thank the angels in your life and challenge you to rethink what “faith” means to you.

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