56 minutes | Jan 10, 2023

Tom Brady - with Roger Staubach & Steve Young

Tom Brady and Jim Gray discuss Tom's desire to start the final weekend of the season, even if he didn't finish the game. In the playoffs, all that matters is how you play for those three hours, and the most prepared team usually wins. Tom talks about how he felt watching Damar Hamlin last week, how it showed us not to take anything for granted, and how he hopes we don't forget the lessons. Then, Tom and Jim are joined by two NFL legends: Roger Staubach and Steve Young. Steve was Tom's hero growing up, and Roger was Steve's hero growing up, and now Tom playing at 45 makes Steve and Roger regret not trying to play longer. They also react to Aaron Rodgers' comments about his potential retirement, and discuss what has kept them going post-football.

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