87 minutes | Dec 30, 2022

Re-Release: Period Power with Maisie Hill

Happy almost new year! We are re-releasing a favorite episode of ours that we think will be encouraging as we all step into the new year. Author and expert in menstrual health Maisie Hill joins Jameela this week to discuss the different seasons of the menstrual cycle, how different bodies respond differently to hormones, why perimenopause is a space to process the expectations on people socialized as women, why we are so bad at diagnosing autism in women, and more. 


You can find Maisie Hill's books -Period Power and Perimenopause Power- on her website and wherever books are sold: https://www.maisiehill.com/

You can listen to Maisie's podcast -Period Power with Maisie Hill - Wherever you get your podcasts

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