33 minutes | Mar 22, 2022

How To Stand Up To a Workplace Bully

When a fellow employee started bullying Christy at her workplace she took the situation to her supervisor, Human Resources, and even filed grievances with her union. But the situation never improved. In fact, it got worse to the point where Christy had no choice but to walk away from her job of over 30 years. On this episode of How To!, we bring on Megan Hunter – co-founder and CEO of High Conflict Institute and author of BIFF at Work: Your Guide to Difficult Workplace Communication. She offers insight into the bullying Christy experienced and shares advice for anyone who might be in a similar situation. “We just have to know the rules and then we can manage that relationship instead of having that person and their fear-driven operating system manage us,” Megan says. With input from Christy, Megan sheds light on how to handle a toxic work environment.

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