36 minutes | Apr 26, 2022

How To (Really) Help Refugees

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August, the Female Tactical Platoon, a unit of elite Afghan soldiers, knew they had to evacuate. “If they were captured, they would be killed,” according to a Green Beret who worked alongside them because they were “an affront to everything the Taliban stood for.” Ellie, a U.S. Army Captain, moved earth and heaven to get them to America. But navigating the U.S. refugee resettlement system proved much more difficult than they expected. On this episode of How To!, we introduce Ellie to Luma Mufleh, founder and CEO of Fugee Families, to discuss how the system can and should be improved. They share practical tips for how all of us can help in the most useful way possible.  

To read more about the Female Tactical Platoon check out The Untold Story of the Afghan Women Who Hunted the Taliban

Here is Ellie’s organization: Sisters of Service

Here is Luma’s organization: Fugee Families.

Check out Luma’s new book, Learning America.  

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