1 minutes | Aug 14, 2019

Introducing Magic Tavern: Earth Games

Introducing Magic Tavern: Earth Games! Coming August 15th, 2019. A podcaster trapped in a magical land, a wizard, and a talking badger are tasked with playing board games from a realm called "Earth". Can a wizard understand Clue? Why is the badger so good at Scattergories? Will the host ever win a game? Find out in this spin-off of the popular, totally improvised fantasy podcast, Hello from the Magic Tavern. This show is available to Stitcher Premium members: If you want to support the Magic Tavern podcast, visit www.stitcherpremium.com/magic and sign up with code 'MAGIC' to get 30 days free of listening without ads. Note: This miniseries is set roughly during season two of Hello from the Magic Tavern, but is very light on spoilers. New listeners can jump in without being confused... or at least without being more confused than longtime listeners always are, anyway.
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