47 minutes | Aug 2, 2022

S3 E5: Adam Darski a.k.a. Nergal of Behemoth

Today we are talking with musician, singer and songwriter Adam Darski, otherwise known as Nergal, founding member of the extreme heavy metal band Behemoth about embracing our uniqueness and finding new ways to express our authentic selves. 

In the Hardcore Humanism therapy and coaching program, our goal is to utilize principles of humanistic psychology to empower you to find your purpose, work hard to achieve that purpose and build a supportive community so that you can lead a fulfilling and authentic life. 

And on the Hardcore Humanism Podcast, we talk with artists such as Nergal to hear their stories of their authentic life so that we can learn from their experience as we embark on our own purpose-driven journey.

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