48 minutes | Apr 25, 2023

85. How to Network (Without Feeling Icky) with Aleenah Ansari

If the word “networking” leaves you *screaming-crying-throwing-up* –– you’re not alone. Networking hasn’t always had a negative connotation, but in recent years, networking events just feel like brag fests and places to collect business cards that will probably end up in a shoebox in the back of your closet. But networking doesn’t have to be hundred people events or sliding into people’s DMs unsolicited –– when done well, it can establish powerful connections with industry leaders and mentors that can help set you on the best path to success in your career long-term. To talk about the power of authentic networking, we sat down with Aleenah Ansari to talk about how she used networking to help land a job in tech without the traditional background or experience. Tori and Aleenah walk through what works and doesn’t work when you’re trying to connect with others in your career and how you might be missing a key step to building lasting relationships.

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