60 minutes | Apr 11, 2023

82. Motherhood Killed My Career with Emily Tisch Sussman

The United States hates mothers. At least, their woefully inadequate policies, like no federally mandated paid parental leave, lack of access to affordable childcare, and increased criminalization of women’s health care and reproductive rights, seem to suggest so. It’s no wonder that many who enter parenthood feel completely abandoned by society and often have to make increasingly difficult decisions about how they’ll even be able to manage having a child in the first place. We’re tackling this subject head-on with Emily Tisch Sussman –– the author of the viral article “Motherhood Killed My Career” and podcast host of the She Pivots podcast. Emily joins Tori to talk about her own experience becoming a mother while working on high-profile political campaigns, how she pivoted her career as a result, and what she’s learned as an advocate for progressive policies for families.

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