40 minutes | Nov 9, 2022

Still Watching: The Crown Season 5

All ten episodes of season 5 of The Crown are now on Netflix, and Dynasty's Erin Vanderhoof joins Vanity Fair reporter Julie Miller for a special Still Watching breaking down the first five episodes of the new season. Catching up with the royals in the 90s, the decades of Charles and Diana's bitter divorce and the Queen's "annus horribilis", the new season includes plenty of drama for every adult member of the royal family, plus the introduction of new key figures like Mohamed Al-Fayed and Hasnat Khan. 

Vanity Fair's royal correspondent and Dynasty cohost Katie Nicholl also joins for a conversation about how the real-life royals are feeling about the new season, and why the show may be much more than just an inconvenience for the newly crowned King Charles III. 

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Vanity Fair’s Still Watching podcast is also recapping this season of HBO’s The White Lotus every Monday - head over their page to hear the latest episode featuring an interview with Beatrice Granno.

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