77 minutes | Apr 28, 2022

Russian Military Unit Executed Surrendering Ukrainians

The U.S. says it has credible information that a Russian military unit executed Ukrainians who were attempting to surrender near Donetsk. CNN's Isa Soares reports on the latest, live from Ukraine. House Republicans are divided after GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s comments accusing Reps Matt Gaetz and Mo Brooks of endangering fellow Republicans after the Capitol riot were caught on tape and released this week.

CNN’s Business-At-Large Editor, Richard Quest, joins to discuss Putin’s war and the risks to the global economy, and an investigation after George Floyd’s killing finds a decade of ‘discriminatory, race-based policing in Minneapolis’. Plus, rents spike 20% on average in 2-years, the World Bank warns higher food and energy prices could last for years, and American Trevor Reed is released from Russia in a prisoner swap.

Hosted by Don Lemon.

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