77 minutes | Apr 23, 2022

Russia Reveals Ukraine War Goal

For the first time, a Russian military official reveals on state television that the goal of its invasion of Ukraine is to take full control of the South, as well as the Eastern Donbas region, and establish a land corridor connecting Russia to Crimea. That, as investigators look into the mysterious deaths of two Russian Oligarchs and their families 24-hours apart in Moscow.

Damning new audio reveals GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy told lawmakers that Trump admitted to bearing some responsibility for the Capitol riot, and Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene testifies she doesn’t remember her actions leading up to the January 6 insurrection at the unprecedented hearing challenging her congressional candidacy. Plus, Governor Ron DeSantis stokes the culture wars as Florida education officials reject maths textbooks they claim are indoctrinating students.

Hosted by Don Lemon.

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