77 minutes | Apr 29, 2022

Russia Blackmails The West With Nuclear Threat

Vladimir Putin sends a message to the West with ballistic missile strikes on Kyiv immediately after the U.N. Secretary General's meeting with President Zelensky in the Capital. CNN Host Fareed Zakaria joins to discuss Putin’s latest act of aggression, continual nuclear and economic threats, and whether the West’s thinking about global security and stability has to fundamentally change.

Douglas London is a former CIA operations officer. He joins to discuss the mysterious deaths of two Russian Oligarchs who fell out of Putin’s circle. Plus, Rep. Madison Cawthorn angers GOP leaders after being caught with a gun at an airport for a second time, a class action lawsuit alleges Wells Fargo Bank discriminates against black mortgage customers and The January 6 Committee is to hold eight hearings in June. Who will be called as witnesses?

Hosted by Don Lemon.

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