33 minutes | Mar 13, 2023

Introducing The Carbon Copy: The Great Electrician Shortage

We're sharing an episode from a podcast we enjoy called The Carbon Copy. In this episode, you’ll learn about the great electrician shortage. To decarbonize the economy, we need to electrify everything. That means installing millions of heat pumps, EV chargers, electric water heaters and rooftop solar panels.

But there’s one big problem: finding enough electricians to make it happen. Electricians across the country are flooded with work — and just as demand is skyrocketing, many in the field are nearing retirement age.

This week, in a special collaboration with Grist, reporter Emily Pontecorvo discusses where to find all the electricians we need to electrify everything and how we can train enough new entrants to the field to meet our climate goal. Read Emily’s feature article.


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