50 minutes | Feb 21, 2022

When Home DNA Tests Blow Up Everything You Thought You Knew

It used to be a lot easier to keep family secrets about issues of paternity. That was before companies like Ancestry.com and 23 & Me came along and offered genetic testing for a small fee and some spit in a cup. Now, what might have started out as some fun, idle curiosity is often turning into something more earth-shattering, more of an existential crisis. It can result in strained family relationships, negative mental health consequences, and sometimes fun and friendly meetings. It’s a lot and it’s high stakes. We talk with Eve Sturges, an LA-based therapist and creator/host of the Everything's Relative podcast, which is about these revelations and their aftermaths. Eve, who has been through this experience herself, shares stories of people learning that they aren’t who they thought they were and what they did about it.

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