57 minutes | Sep 5, 2022

Jonathan Ames, Detectives, and Your Own Mysteries

It used to be that Jonathan Ames read and wrote all kinds of books. But somewhere along the line everything but detective novels kind of fell away and now that’s pretty much his thing. His big project these days is a detective series, featuring private eye Happy Doll, a 50-year-old Angeleno who tries to solve cases and not get killed in the process.

Ames says we relate to detective stories because we’re all constantly trying to solve our own mysteries. That’s hard in real life, to put it mildly. But when we know a book has 250 pages, we also know that by the time those pages are read, we will have some answers.

Get your copy of Jonathan Ames' latest book, The Wheel of Doll, out September 6th, 2022, wherever books are sold.

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