75 minutes | Mar 9, 2022

"Our first Best Of! Howard Stern/Jeff Goldblum/And Many More (Matt Friend)"

Good Morning, Hellooooooooo! On the show this week, a cavalcade of celebrity visitors! The King of All Media, Howard Stern! A 9-foot-tall goblin man, Jeff Goldblum! America’s Favorite Talker, Andy Cohen! Evil Incarnate, Mitch McConnell! What the- John Oliver! Boo, Donald Trump, boo! A Baboon Man, Paul Giamatti! America’s Favorite Robot-Man, Rami Malek! A Surprise, Timothée Chalamet! and, Funny Man Bill Hader! A fictional man, Tom Wambsgans! The fabulous Tim Gunn!  AND last but not least, Barack Obama! GOOD morning and Goodbye!


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