46 minutes | Apr 26, 2023

Ep 356: Social Media Is Making People Broker

The ladies are back for a catch up. Tiffany starts by talking about her new makeup journey and Mandi clowns her old school makeup skills. Then, they discuss the Don Lemon firing and Mandi reminds the BA fam that no job is stable and any of us could be on the chopping block at anytime.The ladies also breakdown the mind tricks that social media plays on us and why it's important to log off sometimes.Then, Tiffany gives us an update on her new condo and all the renovations she's doing. For this week's boost or break, Tiffany boosts for Ramit's new Netflix show "How To Get Rich" and Mandi boosts for her potential new book deal. Plus, Are Mandi and Tiffany cousins? Listen in for more!

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