18 minutes | Jun 8, 2022

You shouldn't have to choose between filling your prescriptions and paying bills | Kiah Williams

There’s a new episode out of Body Stuff for subscribers of TED Audio Collective + on Apple Podcasts; subscribe there for early access to Body Stuff and more. Otherwise see you here next week for more episodes that bust the lies you’re told and sold about your health.

And today, we’re sharing an episode of TED Health, another podcast in the TED Audio Collective. As prescription drug costs skyrocket in the US, thousands of people are forced to forgo lifesaving medications—all while manufacturers and health care facilities systematically destroy perfectly good, surplus pills. Kiah Williams shares how SIRUM—a nonprofit that delivers unused medications to families who need them most—plans to drive down prescription prices by recycling almost a billion dollars’ worth of medications in the next five years. After the talk, hear from radiation oncologist Dr. Fumiko Chino, in conversation with TED Health host Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, on her heartfelt and tireless work investigating the high cost of medical care. If you like the episode, you can find more episodes of TED Health by following the show wherever you’re listening to this.

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