59 minutes | Dec 28, 2022

Sasheer Knows Her Rising Sign with Casey Wilson & June Diane Raphael - Re-Release

Happy almost new year! To bring in good tidings to 2023, we are releasing another amazing episode of Best Friends from behind the paywall. On another episode of Besting Each Other, Nicole and Sasheer are joined by Casey Wilson + June Diane Raphael! Casey shares a story of June keeping energy high at Casey’s bachelorette party, and June gets teary-eyed remembering how Casey reached out to her their freshman year at NYU. They talk about astrological counseling sessions, similar life occurrences, candy in earthquake kits, strippers at baby showers, and the ambitions friendship can foster. Plus, they both hope that in 20 years they are going on joint family trips and no longer have to work.


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