38 minutes | Nov 16, 2022

Robert Rozier: Severed Heads, Death Angels, and the Devil’s Night Out

Robert Rozier’s tenure in the NFL and Canadian Football League didn’t last very long, but he may well have one of the most insane stories in professional sports. After being rejected by the big leagues, Rozier was drafted by a murder cult in Florida. He became one of the cult’s many “death angels,” disciples who carried out their so-called messiah’s instructions to kill – a messiah with a habit of ordering the beheadings of those who dared speak out against him. In 1986, as Devil’s Night gave way to Halloween, Robert Rozier found himself on the run – not down a football field, but into haunted woods - with authorities hot on his tail.

This episode contains themes that may be disturbing to some listeners, including graphic depictions of violence.

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