43 minutes | Jan 10, 2023

Presenting Disgraceland - Gram Parsons: A Stolen Body, Heroin, More Rolling Stones and Cosmic American Music

This episode of Disgraceland was previously exclusive but is now available wherever you get your podcasts. You can now listen to season 7 of Disgraceland in its entirety with episodes on David Bowie, the Ramones, Lil Wayne, the New York Dolls, Lil Peep, a previously unheard two-parter on Tupac, a two-parter on Biggie, a two-parter on Oasis, and a two-parter on the Beatles.

Gram Parsons is one of the most influential musicians in rock ‘n’ roll that you’ve maybe never heard of. He created a form of music that has been copied by everyone from the Eagles to Ryan Adams. He directly influenced the Rolling Stones’ greatest album, possibly the greatest rock ‘n’ roll album of all time, Exile on Main Street. And when he died his body was stolen and unceremoniously disposed of. This is the story of Gram Parsons' life, death and very strange aftermath.

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