2 minutes | Oct 19, 2022

Introducing: BADLANDS Season 6

Which NFL player found himself drafted into a murder cult that beheaded its disobedient members? How did one of the most fatal events in sports history start with nearly 100 deaths and end in a large-scale coverup? Why did a hard-partying English soccer player attempt to save a savage murderer from a police standoff...with two fishing rods and a rotisserie chicken? Discover the details behind these unbelievable but true stories in an all-new season of Badlands.

As American football gets into full swing, we’ll explore the intersection of gridiron giants and true crime, with stories about Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, Joe Namath, Robert Rozier, and Lawrence Taylor. And just in time for the World Cup, we’re tackling the sins and scandals of the soccer world, with episodes on Diego Maradona, Andrés Escobar, Paul Gascoigne, Bruno Fernandes de Souza, and of course, the infamous Hillsborough Disaster of 1989.

Listen to new episodes of Badlands beginning October 26 wherever you get your podcasts, or binge the entire new season exclusively on Amazon Music at amazon.com/badlands.

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