36 minutes | Jan 17, 2023

Encore: Armie Hammer: Dirty Texts, Bloodthirsty Fetishes, and a Cannibal Kink

With his chiseled jawline and matinee idol good looks, Armie Hammer could have been another leading man like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. But Armie Hammer was not most movie stars. He wasn't even most people. On the surface, his life was perfectly curated and appeared picture-perfect, with no major public scandals or dirt-digging by the press. But his increasingly bizarre appearances in interviews and on social media, not to mention leaked videos and texts, led to shocking revelations about what was really going on behind closed doors. And what was going on was wilder than the untamed dreams of a Hollywood screenwriter.

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This episode contains themes that may be disturbing to some listeners, including sexual assault and graphic descriptions of violence.

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